Marcha Ballerina flats are perfect for weddings

By 20 April 2015Newsroom

Planning a wedding on a budget is much more difficult than just deciding on a number. Once you start looking at the detail that go into a wedding, you realise that it is very hard to “cut down” on anything. Basically everything wedding-related is expensive, the venue (usually the biggest expense), hair, make-up, bridesmaids attire, flowers, catering, decor… not to mention the wedding dress and everything that goes along with the bride’s look on the day. The list just goes on and on and the costs just go up and up!

As bridal shoes go, there aren’t many options apart from the fancy designer shoes you find in the Bridal Boutiques that also cost a pretty penny! Since it is so convenient, brides often end up just buying their shoes there – shoes that are often much too flashy to wear again anyway! Shoes may not be the most visible thing on your wedding day, but that is no reason to settle on shoes that aren’t as gorgeous as you are on your wedding day either!

If you are a bride looking for comfort and spunk, Marcha Ballerinas are the solution. They are a brilliant option for any practical bride and her bridal party and best of all – you won’t spend an arm and a leg. All Marchas are exactly the same shape so you can find your size once and know exactly what size to buy forever. There are so many different colours and materials to choose from, so you can get yourself a pair and find complementary coloured shoes for your bridesmaids.

Find and order your perfect pair right here on our website or pop into any one of our stores to try them on!

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  • Rahdia Khan says:


    I am urgently looking for two pairs of white pumps in sizes 2 for my daughters to wear to a wedding. Plain white or white with silver sparkle will be perfect! I am based in Benoni.

    I would appreciate your assistance. I am desperate!

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Rahdia Khan

    • Iselle Brill says:

      Hi Rahdia,

      You can easily order online via this website. Just click on the “Online Shop” menu in the black toolbar and let us know if you have any trouble.

      Marcha Ballerina Team

  • Jackie says:

    Yes. My card gets declined every time. Maybe a sign not to buy

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